Growth & Development

Every examination includes an assessment of your child’s developing teeth and any spacing/crowding of the jaw. This assessment is vital to determine if early braces, usually recommended around 8-10 years old, will be needed to prevent crowding and appearance issues as your child’s teeth grow. Sometimes a limited set of braces at a younger age will save you money in orthodontics and painful jaw problems for your teenager later on.

Restorative Treatment

Your child’s teeth will be examined to determine the extent of tooth decay prior to recommending restorative treatment. We will always discuss your child’s treatment options with you beforehand in full detail. Depending on the extent of the decay, the treatments may include tooth-colored composite fillings for small cavities, full coverage restoration for teeth that have more advanced decay or, in severe cases, an extraction and appropriate space maintenance.

Behavior Management

We cater to each child’s unique and individual needs. Our staff has excellent training in behavior modification techniques and we’re highly skilled in managing a child’s short attention span and curiosity. Our exam rooms are equipped with ceiling mounted TVs to help create a fun distraction! If necessity arises, we may recommend the use of “laughing gas” or sedation techniques to complete dental treatment while allowing your child to fully relax.


General Anesthesia