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Dental FAQ

We Love to Educate Our Patients

Patients often ask us the same questions. We have a thing for sharing knowledge and education (if you hadn’t noticed), so we’ve provided some of the most common inquiries—and our answers—below.

Anesthesia: Is it safe for my child?

When administered correctly, local anesthesia is safe for children. Our team is highly trained in anesthesia delivery, and we always communicate to children in an age appropriate manner, prior to administering the anesthetic.

Appointments: What’s the best time to schedule them?
Appointments: What if I need to reschedule?
Baby teeth: How important are they?
Baby teeth: Should cavities in baby teeth be filled?
Cavities: What causes tooth decay?
Cavities: How can I help prevent them?
Dental visit: How old should my child be for their first visit?
Dental visits: Can I stay with my child?
Dental visits: How often should they be scheduled?
Diet and nutrition: What foods are best for my child’s dental health?
Eruption: When do the first teeth start to come in?
Family Dentist vs. Pediatric dentist: Is there a difference?
Fluoride supplements: Are they necessary?
Grinding of Teeth (Bruxism): Is it common? How long does it last?
Insurance: Which insurances do you accept?
Mouth guards: Should my child wear them while playing sports?
Nitrous oxide: Is it safe for my child?
Nursing: How can I prevent decay caused by nursing?
Permanent teeth: What if one gets knocked out?
Sealants: How do they work?
Spacing: Should I be concerned about the space between my child's two upper front teeth?
Teething: How can I help my child through this painful stage?
Thumb sucking: Is it bad?
Toothache: What should I do?
Toothbrush: Safe for my baby’s teeth?
Toothpaste: When should I begin using it and how do I use?
Xrays: Are they safe?