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Special Needs Dentistry - Seattle Kids Dentistry

Special Needs Dentistry

Personalized Special Care

As pediatric dentists, we are uniquely trained in seeing children with special healthcare needs. Any patient that has a developmental disability or any special needs and can safely be seen outside a hospital setting is welcome at our office. We see these children until the age of 18 and at that age, we can transition them to an appropriate adult dentist, as their needs will outgrow our ability.

Benefits of Seeing a Special Needs Dentist

As with any specialist, seeing someone dedicated to your unique needs ensures that you get the best possible care. If your child has physical, mental, or emotional disabilities, there are many benefits to taking them to a special needs dentist.

  • Specialized Training. Pediatric dentists go through extra certifications (up to 2 years of additional education) to provide exceptional care to children, and pediatric special needs dentists go even further in their training.
  • Comfort Care. Many children suffer from dental anxiety, but kids with special needs can feel especially uneasy. At Seattle Kids Dentistry, our special needs dentists provide additional comfort care options to help keep our little patients relaxed. This includes more accessible office space, sedation dentistry, and compassionate caregiving through the use of specialized communication and psychology training.

Appropriate Equipment and Techniques

For children with physical handicaps, such as the use of a wheelchair, other dental offices may not be able to handle them. Seattle Kids Dentistry is proud to have an office that is not only comfortable but also accommodating for those with physical disabilities. Our dental operatories are similar to large dental suites which allow us to safely care for your child in a warm and inviting space.

Our techniques bring together all of our specialized training and teamwork. As we show the utmost empathy to our special needs patients, we are thrilled to build lasting relationships with patients and their parents.

Understanding Your Child’s Unique Needs

No one understands a child’s needs better than their parent. Our goal – as special needs dentists in Seattle – is to work hand-in-hand with parents as we provide the best quality dental care to their children. By communicating with special needs parents, we can better understand how to care for patients during their appointment. Whether that is by providing comfort items like blankets or stuffed animals, playing music to help calm them, giving sedation dentistry options, or something else – we do our best to make it a good experience.

Why Choose Seattle Kids Dentistry?

Pediatric dental treatment for children with special needs requires specialized knowledge acquired by additional training, as well as increased awareness and attention, adaptation, and accommodative measures beyond routine treatment. At Seattle Kids Dentistry, our providers have extensive experience providing exceptional dental care to kids with special needs.

We are committed to creating a comforting dental office for your child, where dental care can be provided safely, and dental health can be achieved for all children. We would love to meet you and your child, so please schedule an appointment at our convenient office location in the heart of Seattle at the foot of Queen Anne Hill.