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We had, once again, a wonderful experience at Seattle Kids Dentistry! Cooper is incredibly calm, best bedside manner possible! My daughter is even excited to her appointments knowing that she’s in great hands!
Meghan Nadeau
12:42 06 Apr 24
My 20 month old loves going to the dentist now. This space is created to make kids comfortable and at ease. The staff is patient and understanding. I would give Dr. Sabeti 10 stars if it were an option. She is kind, professional, and technically excellent.
Lisa R 01/30
02:52 03 Apr 24
The staff at the Seattle kids denistry are so wonderful. My girl has had the best experience there. ☺️
Lisa Strong
17:11 01 Mar 24
Great caring fun service experience from the receptionist, the hygienist, x-rays to the Dentist. Their office is perfect for kids of all ages!
Mary Kimani
02:16 17 Feb 24
One of the best dentist appointments I’ve ever been part of. They made my 11 month old feel safe and cared for. They have lots of patience and you can tell they take pride in taking care of their young clients. I’m excited for my baby’s next appointment.
Himani Sharma
17:43 01 Feb 24
Great experience, first appointment, and it went well. My kid was comfortable the whole time. Thank you for this amazing team.
Sadie Harvey
03:14 31 Jan 24
The hygienist and dentist are both always so patient and caring with my son who is learning to be a cooperative patient.
03:16 25 Jan 24
I have been taking my child to Seattle Kids Dentistry for over 5 years. They are consistently professional, their offices are immaculately kept, and their staff offer stellar service! My daughter enjoys her visits, including being able to watch a movie on the ceiling while getting her teeth cleaned. All of the doctors we have worked with were knowledgeable and very competent.
Cassady lillstrom
02:22 02 Dec 23
Great staff. Made our daughter feel safe and comfortable.
Liz See
03:38 28 Nov 23
The best dentist we’ve had!
Debora deSouza
21:21 18 Nov 23
My sons, now 11 and 13 have been going to SKD since they were 1 and the practice was located in Q.A Ave!!! I can't recommend them enough. They have excellent providers who have been incredibly supportive of our kids especially working with my son's anxiety about dentist and intense gag reflex through the years. Very thankful
Holly Albright
01:30 12 Oct 23
The staff is always friendly and helpful. My kids love the comfy set up they have, enjoy picking what they get to watch on the ceiling TV, and absolutely can’t wait to pick out their toy at the end of their visit. We also get a nice bag of dental goodies at the end. They were patient with my nervous child and kept checking in with him.
21:11 02 Oct 23
Everyone there is so nice and pro! We had extraction, and Dr Julie did such an amazing job, my son is so happy and it did not hurt he says. She also followed up to make sure we are good. Thank you!
neelam rawat
01:21 20 Sep 23
ethel quiroz
03:25 15 Sep 23
Mailee Delgarito
01:07 17 Aug 23
Great, Passionate, Caring Doctors here at Seattle kids dentistry! My 1 year old had a good experience for her first visit. I think we found our permanent Dental home.
danielle jeffrey
22:10 07 Aug 23
Michelle was so patient and kind with my nervous 4 year old. We have always had a great experience here but the care today was exceptional. ❤️
Heather Leonardi
01:31 24 Jun 23
Marcia Jimmy
01:17 01 Jun 23
I am always a little hesitant about going to a new place but we were made to feel very welcome. The staff is so friendly and have it down to a T when it comes to working with children. My son is pretty shy and does not like new people but he did great with the staff. Would definitely recommend SKD!
Hsin-Wen Hsu
02:20 20 May 23
Sonia Cantu
04:21 18 May 23
dan glv
04:25 17 May 23
13:30 13 May 23
We went to Seattle Kids Dentistry to get a second opinion and had such a great experience that we moved both kids to SKD.
Laura Heng
02:21 12 May 23
I loved everything about our visit to Seattle kids dentistry. Olivia was absolutely lovely when I had called a day or two earlier to see if I should cancel as I thought our 19 month old may be getting sick. Luckily it was only allergies and all was good health wise. Morning of we were running 15 min late and called Olivia to let them know. She was so understanding and gracious about it. Gemma met the dental hygienist Ayana and instantly fell in love with how kind, friendly, and calm she was. After her cleaning and fluoride and some helpful tips from Ayana, Gemma had her visit with Dr. Sabetti who was also absolutely wonderful. Everyone was super knowledgeable, efficient, patient, and professional. Could not have had a better first visit and looking forward to our next follow up. Additional perks: outside of downtown traffic, plenty of free parking, clean offices without overstimulating sounds or visual distractions.
Akanksha Sharma
04:10 09 May 23
This was my toddler's first dental checkup. Dr. Julie and Chamari both were excellent. My 2.5 year old was super happy throughout her appointment. They also brushed ans flossed her teeth and she was so quiet and engaged throughout. I would highly recommend this place. My kid was so excited to get some toys at the end.
Elizabeth Lira
02:02 14 Apr 23
My kids LOVE this place! It's always so nice & clean. It's awesome, they even have flat screens on the ceiling so the kids can watch movies while they have their teeth checked or cleaned. They get a little suprise bag with tooth brush, floss, flouride rinse, stickers & stuff 🙂 Everyone there is so welcoming and super friendly💗 Most importantly, they have great service.
Alex Carter
01:45 07 Apr 23
Saw us immediately. They were all very sweet and helpful.
Scott Christensen
02:08 21 Mar 23
Amazing experience. Patient, kind, and helpful staff members let my 15 month old explore the office while I filled out necessary paperwork for our initial visit. Highly recommend!
Michelle Harris
19:30 20 Mar 23
Our family has been lucky enough to be Seattle Kids Dentistry patients since 2013. Our little ones were anxious when they first started going to the dentist. The staff at SKD have always been patient and kind. Their office staff and hygienists are friendly and informed, making our family feel welcome. Our family sees Dr. Merchant, and I can’t possibly express how much we love her! She is the perfect fit for our family. She is incredibly knowledgeable and empowers our girls to speak up and participate in their dental health. We started with SKD when we lived on Queen Anne and have continued with them since moving to Shoreline because we trust the care they give her girls and appreciate the relationship we’ve built. I honestly can’t recommend them enough. We will continue to make the commute until our girls age out of their clinic ❤️
Valerie Levesque
03:22 25 Feb 23
I was pretty worried that my 2 year old was not going to tolerate his teeth being cleaned and assessed. But, the hygienist Cooper was exceptionally patient and kind and gentle with him. Showed him all the tools by practicing on a rubber ducky (which my son looved) and practicing on the surface of his hand. It went so much better than I expected and I was so impressed with how calm and safe they made my son feel. I am very grateful for their expertise!
Myriam Grow
22:26 06 Jan 23
Best dentist visit for my little son ever!!! Excellent and professional team! Thank you!
Santiago Szuchmacher
03:24 14 Dec 22
Lauren Lozano
05:09 13 Dec 22
I really loved our experience here. The tech we had was SO kind and patient with my 3 year old. She was able to get him to sit for X-rays. I was so impressed!
05:17 24 Nov 22
Everyone is so professional! Thank you so much 🙏🏻
Duggan family
18:29 04 Nov 22
Ben Christison
06:49 28 Oct 22
Fantastic dentist office, first time visiting with my 3 year old and they were great with him! Highly recommend
Johanna Tran
22:32 21 Oct 22
I was hesitant and worried about taking my daughter to her first visit to the dentist today. She required multiple extractions.I needn't have worried! The dental practice was brilliant and the treatment was with as little pain to my daughter as needs be.I would like to make a huge shout out to Michelle who made the experience for my daughter as good as can be, going to the dentist for the first time.
Nora Lansen
05:24 12 Oct 22
Warm, friendly, staff. Beautiful, well-organized, efficient office. Gentle cleaning and exam! Fantastic all around.
Glory Lee
19:38 11 Oct 22
There are plenty of pediatric dentists that are closer but we gladly go out of the way to visit Seattle kids dentistry. Everyone there is so kind, patient, and gentle.
Kris Reagan
16:41 05 Oct 22
The staff is amazing! So friendly and so good with kids. Love this place!
Gina McMann
22:51 27 Sep 22
Love Seattle kids dentistry. We have been going for years and all the dentist are so caring & engaging with my son. Thank you ladies for being a great safe place for littles.
Jenny Miller
19:07 17 Sep 22
Friendly staff and expert care. I wouldn't have my kids go anywhere else.
Janamarie Peyton
16:10 30 Aug 22
We 1st came to visit Dr. Linsenmayer when my daughter needed a tooth pulled (mouth too small). Our family Dentist recommended her when he felt uncomfortable pulling it out of a 8 year old. With Dr. Linsenmayer expertise she had that tooth out with my daughter even knowing it! 10 years later she has know aged out. We begged for one final cleaning before she left for college. If we had known we would have said a proper goodbye and some sort of graduation ceremony. The dental hygienist are all awesome, gentle and kind. I can’t recommend this place enough.
Joshua Martin
18:09 18 Aug 22
My toddlers always have a great experience at SKD. Everyone is so friendly, patient, and professional. I highly recommend this dentist!
21:56 08 Aug 22
My daughter just loved her first dentist visit! Highly recommended 👌
Aiko Durant
17:29 03 Aug 22
My kids have been going her for dental care since elementary school. The office is so kid friendly, bright and inviting. Staff have always been wonderful and the Dentists are professional, caring and diligent. I highly recommend!
Michael Soung
06:24 19 Jul 22
My wife suggested I post a follow-up review following our experience a few days ago (when we had been unable to get a response from the office for most of the day for our daughter's urgent dental issue during what was supposed to be normal business hours). Once we were able to connect with the on-call dentist (Dr. Merchant), she provided helpful advice and excellent follow-up through the weekend. We were able to see Dr. Linsenmayer Monday morning who was extremely thorough and helpful -- did the right amount of testing and consulted with a oral surgeon colleague during our visit to confirm the appropriate recommendations for our daughter. The oral surgeon she referred us to (Dr. Karen Zemplenyi) was outstanding as well. In the end, they went out of their way to help us through a very stressful situation (after the initial challenge of reaching anyone in the office). I would still hope to see improvement in communication regarding office closures during normal business hours (e.g. updating the outgoing message and/or website) but the dental care itself ended up being extremely helpful.
Neill Warfield
16:33 14 Jul 22
Love this place! Professional, kind, extremely competent and positive. My kid actually wants to go to the dentist!
Erica Robinson
19:24 23 Jun 22
Great first dentist experience for my toddler. They really set kids up for success and work hard to make them feel safe and respected while still getting through the goals of the appointment.
Neesha Scribner
21:55 22 Jun 22
hermelinda magana
20:58 04 May 22
eva prutianu
22:37 14 Apr 22
17:39 14 Apr 22
MaryAnn was very friendly and made my son’s first dentist appointment a wonderful experience. Happy to have found them and they will be his dentist as long as he’s a kid and in Seattle.
Anne Johnson
00:26 13 Apr 22
Great dentist! We still drive across town to go here because it's always a positive experience. Support staff is friendly as are the 2 main dentists. The kids are always happy to go to their appointments.
Rachel Marks
00:51 04 Feb 22
Dixie Gorun
23:30 28 Jan 22
Jessica Lyons
05:20 10 Dec 21
We’ve taken our son here for a couple of years now, and every time we go it’s fantastic. They approach children in a calm, kind manner and are patient.Big shoutout to Mary Anne who was an absolute gem with our son recently. She’s so wonderful to talk with and meets the children where they are at with their curiosity and questions.
Saleem Butte
22:55 19 Nov 21
Melinda Sobel
21:23 26 Oct 21
Always trust kids dental care to this group.
Ashleigh Walls
01:11 26 Oct 21
Dr Julie is amazing. Thank you and the whole team for consistent, top dental care.
Brett Ettinger
16:43 04 Oct 21
Really great facility and staff. Everyone showed a sincere level of care and professionalism.
Both of my kids (2 and 5) love coming here. Everyone is really nice and patience.
Tiff Friday
23:33 22 Jun 21
Amazing staff and atmosphere!
Juno Choi
20:20 21 May 21
My little one loves this place too much and keeps on asking when her next dental appointment is. She has perfect teeth, but keeps on making list of what she wants to check in with her favorite 'teacher' Michelle, such as what she should do with her wiggly tooth, exactly when she can expect tooth ferry and so on. Michelle engages her in the process by giving her customized background info, little assignments and making sure she has no further questions/doubts. I think my kid gets thrilled because she feels like an active contributor to the serious job.
Deadra V
23:32 19 May 21
We can not recommend SKD enough. We first found them through a field trip for first grade and decided to try them. Our kids love going here (well our youngest likes it to a point and then doesn’t want his teeth cleaned 😂). The staff is soo friendly always going above and beyond to make our kids feel comfortable. It’s always a very clean office. The kids love the TVs in the ceiling and the prizes. I’m kind of jealous I can’t go here myself! 10 out of 10 would recommended
Lisa Behringer
17:02 15 May 21
My son has been seen by Dr. Kristi for over 10 years now. Staff is kind, gentle and help educate about dental home care.
Yasemin Ulusarac
03:24 06 Apr 21
Both of my daughters (8 and 3 yo) love a visit to their dentist office. I love the interior decorations. So very warm and friendly. All the dentist assistances are wonderful. It is such a welcoming place.
Sarah Gabriel
19:36 24 Mar 21
Our family has been going here since both our kids were babies. Even though we live in Bellevue we still make the commute over to Seattle because we love the team so much. I highly recommend them to anybody looking for a great kids dentist!
Rukiya Lezibp
23:02 11 Mar 21
Lilliana Beck
20:56 28 Jan 21
We had a very great experience with our 2 year old. Michelle had our toddler try the equipment and he had so much fun trying this and that on his own, he didn’t mind anything she was doing to his teeth. They are so wonderful and experienced. I love them
Andrey Kan
17:02 12 Dec 20
staff is very kids friendly, constantly talking to the kids making sure they don't cry; facilities are clean; free parking on premises
Stephanie Edwards
22:25 19 Nov 20
very clean and careful with covid precautions. very kind and patient- took the time to explain each tool to my toddler for her first visit. my toddler and I can't wait to go back.
Jessica Manca
16:01 07 Nov 20
The care team at Seattle Kids Dentistry has been life-changing for our family! Dr Merchant helped us tremendously with getting to the root issue of our child's teeth grinding problems, and we moved care from our regular family dentist to here for both our children. She took a very methodical approach and helped show us the data to make decisions for our child's care each step of the way. She's careful and direct, considering both short and long term care. Her office makes for a wonderful child experience - bright, very clean and orderly, child-sized chairs, and best of all with a prize area for each visit. We highly recommend Dr Merchant and her team!
Anna Allegro
22:43 06 Nov 20
Alexandra Farnum
17:05 06 Nov 20
We've been going to Seattle Kids Dentistry for several years. I was impressed by their new processes and precautions for seeing patients.
SPU Dance
21:13 26 Jun 20
I have to say i love Dr. Merchant. She is so wonderful. Today my daughter who is 7 had to have a filling and a crown put in. No small task for a kiddo who was very nervous about it all.The Dr. and assistant were such a great team. They made my daughter feel comfort, relaxed and made the experience very positive. I appreciate Dr. Merchant took the time to explain to my daughter what would be happening before it happened. She was very gentle and afterward my daughter even said. “ wow that went better than i expect.”I have been going here for a few years. During COVID 19. I am also super impressed with their standards for safety but at the same time keeping a welcoming caring atmosphere.We are so happy to have found this dentist office and highly recommend them.
Sepi Torkan
18:58 30 May 20
Amazing doctor! Super fun and friendly! Dr Merchant is the kindest pediatric dentist you can find! You will love this office! I am a healthcare provider, so you can trust me on this one!
Michiko Sundstrom
21:23 21 Apr 20
Charla Martin, RN
22:40 30 Jan 20
Dr. Merchant and her staff have been caring for my child ever since his first dental appointment at 6 months old. They are kind, gentle, patient and really take the time to genuinely connect with families. My son is almost 9 years old and he loves going to the dentist! He bounces out of the car with a smile and hops back in with that same bright smile. Michelle has been his tech for the last few years and she has the warmest heart with him. She follows up with how school is going, and shows true interest in him. We would never go any place else. SKD is fantastic - they deserve 6/5 stars
Emerson Nagel
23:01 03 Jan 20
Best dentist I have ever been to or taken my children to in my entire life - can't recommend them strongly enough! We'd visited the practice - Dr. Merchant specifically - 10 years ago because we live in a tiny town in Mexico, with not-great dental care. Our 12-year-old son had been suffering for months with a very sensitive tooth. In the very little time we had available, Dr. Merchant quickly diagnosed the problem, and extracted all four canines - which was made way more complicated by our son's needle phobia. She handled him firmly and gently and had the teeth out before he - or we! - could even get stressed out. We still live in Mexico, and just recently our college-age daughter was told she had to have all four wisdom teeth removed. As Dr. Merchant is the best dentist - kids' or otherwise - that I'd ever found, I turned to her via email. Incredibly, over the New Year's holiday, she responded with her usual warmth and efficiency, even though the offices were officially closed. If you have kids, Dr. Merchant is the dentist for you - even if it means you have to fly to Seattle to see her! Thanks, Dr. Merchant and Seattle Kids Dentistry!
Elena Juarez De Leon
16:06 11 Dec 19
Le N
01:10 24 Nov 19
my husband and I were sharing our horror stories of our childhood dentists on our way to our son’s appointment this morning. I can safely say our son thoroughly enjoyed his time here this morning with Dr Sabeti and Maryann.The office was clean and bright. So fit and welcoming for kids. There were copious toys and books everywhere for the kids.The entire staff from the receptionist to the doctor was kind and professional. We were explained and walked through the process and what we can also expect to do at home to make brushing and flossing easier.
Renata Ditt
03:34 05 Nov 19
I have a son who resists everything, specially going to the doctor and dentist! The staff is super understanding of that, and very patient! They're competent, they explain everything... really a great experience!
laura young
23:38 04 Nov 19
A good balance of admonishment for good oral care and friendliness. A wonderful team of people! Worth the drive from Cap Hill!
Katie Garrison
06:19 20 Oct 19
chelsea klein
23:37 15 Oct 19
Fong Cheung Hui
18:57 30 Sep 19
Tyeser Abraha
01:34 28 Sep 19
Naomi Menahem
16:05 25 Jun 19
The whole staff is extremely patient and caring!
Priscila Carrijo
23:36 20 Jun 19
I had my first experience there with my kids today. The entire team at Seattle Kids Dentistry was very nice and kind to my children. My daughter is 2 and I was impressed that they were able to keep her on the dentist chair for 30 min with no complaints or crying. This will be my kid's dentist moving forward.
Yonnie Watkins
05:57 14 Jun 19
Warm, friendly and very professional. Made my kids feel at ease. Thank you!
Stephanie Bobo
21:15 21 May 19
Michelle Howe
22:10 17 May 19
My 3 year old loves coming to the dentist. The staff is great and the facility is super kid friendly
Jennifer Keogh
21:28 12 Apr 19
We love this place. It's difficult to get to but worth it as the staff is friendly, helpful, and patient. Dr. Merchant is great with our daughter and shows great care and concern for her patients. We definitely recommend them!
Rachel Alves
21:27 11 Apr 19
After a not so amazing / traumatizing experience with general anesthesia here in 2015, it took us a while to come back. I was assured that the practices of their former contracted anesthesiologist is no longer practiced. The dental cleaning was great, staff is friendly and more than competent! My child left happy and with no cavities! Dr. Sabeti was great!
Alyesha Asghar
17:36 09 Apr 19
Great dentist. My daughter had a very pleasant first visit.
Tara Hinkle Smith
19:41 08 Apr 19
Seattle Kids Dentistry is amazing! I left them a message at 5 AM noting that my daughter had pain in her tooth and they called before 7 AM with a morning appointment. The staff and dentists are so patient and thoughtful in their approach and the televisions on the ceiling are a hit with the kids.
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