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Pediatric Tooth Extractions

Pediatric Tooth Extractions in Seattle

At Seattle Kids Dentistry, we are committed to making your child relaxed – even during the most uncomfortable appointments like a tooth extraction. Whether your child is in need of a tooth extraction due to a dental emergency or to make room for other permanent teeth, our team will make sure your child is comfortable.

Why Your Child May Need a Tooth Extraction

While we do our best to save the tooth, whether baby or permanent, there may be some situations when a tooth extraction is necessary. Some instances where a child may need an extraction include when:

  • A tooth is at risk of an infection caused by a cavity
  • Irreversible damage occurs from mouth trauma or an injury
  • A tooth is negatively impacting nearby teeth (such as wisdom teeth)
  • A child has spacing or crowding issues
  • We are preparing a child for orthodontics

Regardless of why your child needs a tooth extraction, you can be confident in the capable hands of the dentists and team at Seattle Kids Dentistry. If your child is anxious, we can talk with you about safe sedation options before your appointment.

Schedule a Tooth Extraction Consultation

Tooth extractions do not have to be scary or painful. If you think your child is in need of a tooth extraction, has a sudden dental emergency, or has been told that an extraction is necessary to make space for adult teeth or to prepare for orthodontics, please schedule an appointment with our team at Seattle Kids Dentistry. We offer consults in a fun, modern office setting. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook!